AUTHORIZED AGENT: Larry Zuccolotto
PHONE: 877-627-9031

A+ Rated Dental & Vision

Get the best dental and vision available !

  • $5000 Annual Maximum Benefit per insured
  • Affordable Individual & Family Coverage
  • Guaranteed Issue
  • No Waiting Period for Preventive & Basic Care
  • Covers Dentures & Implants
  • Over 400,000+ Dental Locations Nationwide
  • Vision covers frames, lenses, contacts, and more...

  • A+ Rated Dental Insurance Plans
    °400,000+ Dental Locations  °No Age Limits  °No Regional Rating  °Everyone is accepted

    No Waiting*

    5k Max Benefit

    Guaranteed Issue

    Preventive Services 100%
    TYPE I

    Bitewing X-rays (1 / 12 mo)
    Cleaning (1 / 6 mo)
    Fluoride for Children
      under 13yo (1 / 12mo)
    Routine Exam (1 / 6 mo)
    *There is no waiting period for PREVENTIVE services
    Preventive services do not count towards your annual max benefit

    Basic Services 80%

    Full Mouth/Panoramic X-rays (1 /5 yrs)
    Restorative Amalgams & composites
    Sealants (age 13 and under)
    Simple Extractions
    *There is no waiting period for BASIC services

    Locate A Dental Provider
    select CLASSIC PPO Network for search

    Major Services 50%

    Complex Extractions
    Crown Repair
    Crowns (1 / 10 yrs/tooth)
    Denture Repair
    Endodontics (nonsurgical)
    Periodontics (nonsurgical)
    Periodontics (surgical)
    Prosthodontics (fixed bridge; removable complete/partial dentures) (1 / 10 yrs)
    Space Maintainers

    There is a 12 month waiting period for Major services
    Not available in the following states: AK, AR, MT, NV, NH, NY, NC, OR, WA

    Bright Idea Dental 1500

    Enroll Today
    starting at $34/month

    Bright Idea Dental 3000

    Enroll Today
    starting at $49/month

    Bright Idea Dental 5000

    Enroll Today
    starting at $59/month
    Bright Idea Vision - Preferred Vision Insurance Plan
    • Preferred Vision Plan

      Coverage includes Glasses, Exams, Contact Lenses
      Additional discounts on Laser Vision Care, Frames, Additional Glasses & Contact Lenses
    • Guaranteed Acceptance

      No Age limit restriction
    • No Waiting Period

      On your activation date, you have access to the full range of Vision benefits